JONES, Lillian




Grandma passed away this morning. Lillian M Jones (Turvill) March 31, 1917-January 8, 2018. ¬†She was living in Bobcaygeon. Grandma lived well and took care of us all. ¬†Grandma lived through the war and as we recently discovered was one of the “bomb girls” of Scarborough. Grandma liked to bake, she made the best coconut tarts, butter tartsand pumpkin cake. Yes cake, pumpkin cake! I loved her home-made Turkey soup. Grandma also knitted scarves and sweaters and made quilts (out of old clothes) for our beds. Not sure how much she like knitting though, as she would be close to finishing and not like what she had done orfind a mistake, then rip it all out and start over again. “And how!” she would say, with a slap of the knee!


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3 thoughts on “JONES, Lillian

  1. Caring, selfless, thoughtful, and I could go on and on. Always helping, always happy and positive. The girls in our wedding party looked gorgeous thanks to her sewing skills. Still have that beautiful wedding dress which has served others too. Such a magnificent labour of love. When we couldn’t find drapes to fit our high ceilings, we met in her favourite place — a fabric shop — and she fitted our entire house with new drapes — and her famous quilts for each bed. She had an artistic talent in bringing colours together, and I ended up taking sewing lessons because she made it look like fun. It wasn’t. It was difficult. And then I really appreciated her talents! She also loved to take a rifle and do shooting practice with her nephew. A legendary story is when she biked to Niagara to visit her aunts. And she would always bring in the medals for her bowling team, even competing south of the border. Our boys loved it when she visited. She’s a bit of a legend in our household. To be so well-liked by her nieces and nephews and their families is a wonderful legacy. She was well-loved by her brothers and sisters too. Always thinking of others and showing it in deeds, not just words. Will be missed by all of our family.

    —Carol Tennent, Uxbridge, ON -
  2. I have so many wonderful childhood memories of my Aunt Lil. She always made me feel so special. 14 Shaneen Drive is etched in my brain. Going to her house as a child was like going to my second home. She always had stacks and stack of material on her dining room table. I think my love for sewing and making all things in general came from spending time with her. Before she sold her house, she had me come to visit. She gave odd and ends from sewing projects and I am still using some of those items today. She also showed me a spot on her window sill that still had my teeth marks in it. I used to stand at the window and wait for Donnie and Anita to come home from school. The window sill was just the right height for my teeth to bite into! When I was six, my family went to California. Aunt Lil knew how much I hated to travel because I got so carsick. She packed me a week of presents to open for each day of the trip. I was always so excited to open those gifts. She was so thoughtful and fun to be around. It is so good to have so many great memories of Aunt Lil.

    —Susan Elmer, Ajax -
  3. We all have very fond memories of Aunt Lil. She definitely made the best buttertarts. Visiting her 2 summers ago in Bobcaygeon she was reminiscing about bowling with my grandfather Bill Turvill and she said, “yep he didn’t like to loose……..but I beat him!” hahahaha

    Thank you for the memories Aunt Lil, from Bill Turvill (Kincardine) and family, Bill Turvill (Michigan), Gwenna Turvill (Oshawa) and Janice Richarmond nee Turvill (London)

    —Gwenna Turvill, Oshawa -