Our Services


This includes the coordinating and directing of the services by our staff and agents with those of the hospital, nursing home, cemetery or crematorium in picking up the remains from the place of death and making the necessary arrangements for final disposition. It also includes the services of our support staff in preparing contracts, correspondence and invoices, and in placing notices, booking, staff, basic use of vehicles and other support functions.


Obtaining the necessary information to complete the documentation legally required in connection with the disposition of the remains, arranging for the filing of the documentation and registration of the death, and providing a limited number of Proof of Death Certificates.



This is the minimum charge made by us in all cases for the use of our facilities, including parking areas open to the public within our funeral home, our arrangements office, casket display room, preparation room, and other facilities and equipment required to operate as a licensed funeral home.

Funeral Days:

This includes the use of our premises, furnishings and equipment the day of the funeral service or to set up at the Church. This may include any or all of the following: lectern, organ, sound equipment, religious equipment, flower stands, register and donation card stands, casket, bier, casket carriage, etc.

One Period Visiting:

This includes the use of our facility for the reception of friend’s and relatives for two or more hours and may include some of the following; register and donation card, casket bier, flower stands, sound system and any religious equipment.

Each Subsequent Period of Visiting:

This service includes all the services itemized in the description for one period of visiting and is charged on a per diem basis.


Embalming is not a requirement of the law. Some funeral arrangements selected, such as a funeral with viewing, or the holding of the body for a period of time in excess of 48 hours between death and disposition, requires embalming by funeral home policy. When winter storage is involved, with spring interment to follow, embalming will be required. Additional charge for trade embalming will apply for embalming a body that has a communicable disease.


The prices shown are for the use of the vehicles on a single occasion, such as a funeral coach from the funeral home to the church and then to the cemetery. An additional charge per kilometre for the use of all vehicles for each kilometre beyond the Toronto area will apply.

Removal Transfer:

This vehicle is used by our staff for the removal from place of death to the funeral home or receiving remains at an airport / train station. May also be used for transfer of remains to the churches, crematorium, other funeral homes, airports, train stations, etc.

Lead / Clergy Vehicle:

The use of this vehicle may include any or all of the following uses: leading the funeral procession, transportation of the clergy to funeral home or place of final funeral rite, transportation of clergy to place of final disposition.

Funeral Coach:

The use of this vehicle on a single occasion. This includes the transportation for the deceased from our facility to the place of the funeral rite and the place of final disposition. (3 hour limit)